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Thank you! – World Zombination, 2012-2018

Thank you! – World Zombination, 2012-2018

After nearly four years of Survivors facing off against the horde of Infected (and two years of development before release), the Funpocalypse has ended. World Zombination’s servers were shut down at approximately 7:00 pm EST after a fantastic live stream where we were joined by dozens of the game’s biggest fans for two hours of reminiscing and farewells.

We cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for World Zombination’s community, from its millions of players to the legion of content creators and Twitch viewers that kept us entertained just as much as we hope the game entertained you all. While we’re sure to have more to say in retrospect after we have some time to digest everything, we just wanted to make sure we took the time today to say—enthusiastically—THANK YOU.

We’ll see you again soon; Proletariat is still going strong! Prototypes for new games are in development and we’ll have news on what’s next for all of you in the near future. If you want to stay informed about what we’re up to or want to get involved with what’s next early on, make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the Proletariat website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, keep up with our Twitch live streams, and chat with us on Discord. Until later!

– The Proletariat/World Zombination development team

Watch Farewell, WZ! **SAD FACE EMOJI** from Proletariat_Inc on www.twitch.tv

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