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Happy 2nd Birthday, World Zombination!

Happy 2nd Birthday, World Zombination!

World Zombination hit a big milestone this weekend—it was the two year anniversary of the game’s global release! In honor of two awesome years of mayhem in the Funpocalypse, we put together a few celebratory events for the community…and a little present for all of you fantastic players. Here’s what to look out for!

Birthday Pack (free Mythics!)

Have you been to the pack store today? Hurry there and grab your super special birthday packs! Each pack only costs 1 coin (free with your Guild discounts!) and contains a guaranteed Mythic Unit! You can grab one pack each on the Survivor and Infected sides, so be sure to get them while you can. The offer expires at midnight UTC on February 22, so you only have a little more than a day to get your packs…don’t forget to share what you got on the forums!

Happy WZ birthday from your friends at Proletariat!

Super Special Caption Contest! (2/17/17-3/3/17)

What better way to celebrate the second birthday of our precious baby than with a special contest? That’s right…it’s the HAPPY BIRTHDAY WZ: SUPER SPECIAL CAPTION CONTEST! We provided the image (below), now you provide the LOLs. Grand Prize is a choice of A) 1 Mythic Unit + 1000 Coins OR B) 250K Crates/DNA. Head over to the forums to enter. Good luck!

Super Special Birthday Live Stream!

We’ll also be celebrating with a special World Zombination live stream on our Twitch channel this Wednesday, February 22, at 5:00PM EST. We’ll lend level 50 Mythic Units to those of you who request them during the stream, open our own birthday packs, go over some contest announcements, do giveaways, and more! Hope to see you there!

We’re looking forward to this year’s week of WZ celebration with all of you. Thank you to everyone for playing the game over the past two years (more if you were part of the beta!) and extra special thanks for making this community something special!

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