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Hotfix Update: Raising the roof!

Hotfix Update: Raising the roof!

Hey World Zombination players!

Time for an update! We just implemented a number of fixes that address some things we had planned in addition to some changes that the community had suggested. All of this was done via a hotfix, so you won’t need to update the app via Apple/Google.

Here’s what was included in this update:

  • Player level cap was increased to 100
  • Guild level cap increased to 60
  • New Guild perks have been added for levels 51-60
  • Brains, DNA, Food, Crates, and Coins caps were increased to 5 million
  • Perth raid rewards have been fixed to be more consistent
  • Infected Vancouver finale minimum Team Power has been lowered to 70
  • Backend/server improvements

Who’s going to be the first player to reach level 100 and guild to reach level 60?

Time to level up and get raiding!

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