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Time for an update! World Zombination 3.8 is live!

Time for an update! World Zombination 3.8 is live!



World Zombination 3.8 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store! Here’s what you have to look forward to in this update (full release notes can be found on the forums):

Change Unit Perks!

Want to change your strategy or try something new with your higher level Units? Now you can change your Unit’s Perks!

Are you ready for the INSANE CAMPAIGN?

You asked for it! More campaign missions! These are INSANELY difficult with even better rewards than Expert missions. Challenge yourself with our toughest content yet.

New Guild Rank: Raid Leader!

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about Guild leadership structure and needing a way to give Raid start/stop privileges without inventory distribution privileges. Raid Leaders can start raids but not access the Guild’s resources to give guilds more flexibility in their structures.

Bug fixes

  • Lowered Insane Quick Fight requirements from Vancouver through Lima.
  • Vancouver Insane missions now give out proper rewards.
  • Featured Packs give out proper Units in the case of unlucky rolls.
  • Minigunner family’s Bombard perk lowers cooldown to 1s.
  • Brain Freeze family’s buff duration increased to 5s.
  • Rainmaker family’s tentacle HP increased by 500%.
  • Mistress family always stuns for 1.5s, the Submission perk stun is now 4s.
  • Mistress family’s Safe Word perk duration increased to 3s.

Additional pre-release fixes

We did a bunch of backend and server fixes since 3.7 was released. Here are the major things we tackled:

  • Substantially reduced server errors (by 96% during peak activity).
  • Patched a data loss error that sometimes resulted in Guilds experiencing issues with Raid rewards, inventory distribution, and Unit borrowing.
  • Improved Guild reward tracking and logging.
  • Various map improvements.
  • Improved backend metadata handling.
  • Chat sending optimizations.
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  1. Such a great update, very stable even now and some great content, love being able to play with the perks =)

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