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World Zombination 3.7 is here: Insane Campaign and 18 new Units!

World Zombination 3.7 is here: Insane Campaign and 18 new Units!

World Zombination 3.7


World Zombination 3.7 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store! Here’s what you have to look forward to in this update (full release notes can be found on the forums):

18 New Units: Welcome the Triplets and Builders!

The Triplets are three pesky kids who come in three (how appropriate!) varieties: attacking (Deliquents, Punks, and Hooligans), healing (Scouts, Troopers, and Pack Leaders), and buffing/debuffing (Demerits, Hazers, and Prefects). They all share the same terrifying common trait that as their siblings die, the remaining ones grow MUCH more powerful. Kill ’em fast or suffer!

heal_mythic heal_legendary heal_epic damage_mythic damage_legendary damage_epic buff_mythic buff_legendary buff_epic

Meanwhile, the Builders can construct three different types of contraptions to fend off the horde: an explosive RC car (Mechanic, Operator, and Engineer), a taunting dummy (Distractor, Crash Test, and Miss Direction), and an automated turret (Gunsmith, Hacker, and Sentinel).

bomb_epic bomb_legendary bomb_mythic gun_epic Proletariat Inc on Twitter — @proletariat_inc gun_mythic tank_epic tank_legendary tank_mythic

Are you ready for the INSANE CAMPAIGN?

You asked for it! More campaign missions! These are INSANELY difficult with even better rewards than Expert missions. Challenge yourself with our toughest content yet.

WZ is going (more) global!

After hearing from a lot of fans from around the world, we’ve translated WZ into a bunch of new languages! This update includes localization for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Korean!

Other fixes

  • Reduced the number of Snipers on Zombie PvP maps
  • Large units no longer get stuck on concrete corners
  • Players no longer get negative Arena Points for winning PvP matches
  • The Farmer family of Units no longer spawn drones on top of each other
  1. Tryed to update and it says 3.7 is not compatible with my device??? Please help before my guild kicks me

    • Hi Tecknone333,

      We disabled some devices because we determined they were having stability problems with the last version of WZ. If you think your device was disabled in error, please send us a support message or post to the support boards on the forums and be sure to give us as much detail about your device as possible. Thanks!

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