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World Zombination 3.6 is now available!

World Zombination 3.6 is now available!



World Zombination 3.6 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store! Here’s what you have to look forward to in this update:

Guild Inventory: Reward your Guild members for being awesome!

After the release of World Zombination 3.4, we saw players really enjoying the new Guild Raids and Bars and we wanted to enhance that experience. Guild Leaders and Officers can now give out resources to the members of the Guild they choose to reward. Guilds earn these resources simply by playing the same way they already are. Successful Guild Raids now give bonus packs that can be handed out to Guild members by the Leader/Officers, and every mission completed by a member contributes bonus Brains, DNA, Food, or Supplies to the Guild Inventory. Spread the wealth to your guildmates!

Increased Unit Inventory: Collect ’em all!

Are you one of those players who often hits the 100 Unit maximum for your team? Good news—you can now increase the number of Unit slots, up to a maximum of 500. Have fun expanding your collection!
For more information and to see the full list of fixes and changes coming in World Zombination 3.6, check out the release notes on the forums.

Other fixes

  • Players and Guilds can only hold a limited number of Packs, at which point they need to be opened or given out to members. This was a restriction we had to put in place for Guild Inventories, and it affects players as well. There are a very small number of players with more packs than this and they’ll have to open packs before they can go on any missions.
  • We removed the Kamcord and the Watch/Share buttons since Kamcord no longer supports recording and sharing video. We’ll be looking around to see if there’s a good replacement option.
  • The third mission rewards on Hard and Expert missions will no longer be a unit. Rejoice!
  • The Farmer family has had their speed reduced so they will stay towards the back of the horde and provide a constant stream of drones.
  • We greatly increased the number of drones and decreased the duration of the Farmer family.
  • Per an earlier forum thread, we decided to buff the Chef family. We’ll keep an eye on their usage after 3.6 and see if any further adjustments should be made. Here are their changes:
    • Range is increased by 10
    • Base damage buff from eating is increased to 125% (up from 110%)
    • Marinate perk now gives 135% (up from 120%)
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