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World Zombination 3.5 is here! Welcome the Mythics!

World Zombination 3.5 is here! Welcome the Mythics!



World Zombination 3.5 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store! Here’s what you have to look forward to in this update:

Mythic Units!

We added 44 new MYTHIC Units to the game—the rarest and most powerful Units of all!

Players have long-clamored for Legendary versions of their favorite Units (did someone say…Timber Beast?), but we figured we’d do one better and add a whole new rarity tier and make a Mythic version for ALL of them! These Units are extremely rare (and powerful!), so instead of requiring additional Units to Promote/Evolve them, we’re…removing that requirement altogether!

Easier Unit Promotion and Evolution!

Easier Promotion and Evolving for everyone! No longer will units get stuck at levels 9, 29, and 49 for lack of the very specific unit you’re looking for. To Promote or Evolve a unit, you can now either use one of the same unit (of ANY level!) or two of ANY unit of the same rarity.

Starter Pack

For new(er) players, get yourselves a deal on some Coins and three of everyone’s favorite units!

Other fixes

– AI fixes and better pathing
– Made the Researcher/Scientist cooldown debuff MUCH more powerful
– Added a bunch of FX to perks (now you can better see when things are happening!)
– Unit stat UI includes more stats for relevant perks

  1. Is the game still offline?

  2. Just seen an in-game message that you will be increasing Mystic drop rates from opening packs. Will there be any kind of compensation for people that have opened packs since the new patch hoping to get a Mystic?

    • Sorry I just saw this comment! As you are likely aware, players who purchased packs before the drop rate increases were announced were given full reimbursement of the coins they used to purchase the packs.

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