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World Zombination 3.4 has arrived!

World Zombination 3.4 has arrived!


World Zombination 3.4 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store! This is the game’s biggest update yet: 16 new Units, a new Guild Raid system and Guild Objectives, big updates to PvP, Quick Fight improvements, Borrowing Units revamp, a better Store, bug fixes, and much more! Be sure to check out the 3.4 feature tracker on the forums as well as the full list of new features and fixes.

16 New Units!

In this update, we’re introducing the concepts of Fire, Oil, and Water to the battlefield. Units can be set on fire and that fire will spread to other nearby units (which in turn can further spread it!). Or set a puddle of oil on fire and it will not only increase the damage and duration of the fire, but the oil puddle will burn any units who happen to walk inside of it. Once a unit is on fire, you can either wait out the duration or use water to put it out.

Cover the battlefield in Oil with Squidfingers or the Gasman then light it on Fire with Wildfire or the Flamethrower. Watch the Fire spread and consume your foes!

Gasman and Blowout

The big guys are back, and this time they’re packing accelerants. Pair them up with the fire guys and really roast some zombies! Also, the oil they spray out confuses Infected Units.


Squidfingers and Fracker

Of course, the Infected get their oil Units, too! The original Squidfingers unit finally gets her special power that will work similarly to how the oil on the human side works: it accelerates fire. She also a long-range melee attack.


Flamethrower and Flash Point

These hefty Survivors lug around a barrel of fun…to burn. As the name might suggest, they spray out a cone of fire, setting everything in their path ablaze.
survivor4_epic_Flamethrower survivor5_legendary_FlashPoint

Wildfire and Hellion

These two Infected troublemakers are also out to set the world on fire!


Protect your friends with cooling Water from the Rainmaker or Brain Freeze!

Brain Freeze and Cold Snap

These guys haul around an improvised slushie shooter, and they’re not afraid to use it—on everything. Their attack counters the fire mechanic by extinguishing flames, while also slowing down zombies.


Rainmaker and Maelstrom

Also harnessing the power of H20, these betentacled Infected units not only put out the flames that are engulfing their allies, they also spawn little tentacle at a distance that Survivors have to fight off as separate enemies from the unit itself!


Not all the Units harness the elements, though! Use the Mistress to drag your foes closer or the Minigunner to hose them down with bullets.

Minigunner and Chaingunner

Two more heavy guy types, this time with a little more conventional weaponry. These guys do bursts of shots that spray out a bunch of bullets, and can move while shooting and in melee encounters.


Mistress and Domina

No place is safe for Survivors when these two are around. They can literally drag their enemies underground and pull them to wherever they are. Humans aren’t even safe behind walls—their tentacles will go right under barricades. Make sure they have some protection though otherwise you might end up with a Timber Beast in the middle of your Horde!


New Features!

Guild Objectives added!

Complete Guild Objectives every day to earn Guild Bars for your Guild. Guild Bars can be used by Guild Officers and Leaders to unlock new Raids and Raid Tiers or buy everyone in the guild currency, Packs, or Mystery Crates.

New Guild Raid system!

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players on raids and we’ve completely overhauled the way they work and their rewards to improve their usability on a number of levels. Each raid now has five tiers of escalating difficulties and rewards. The lowest tier is doable by very small guilds while the highest tier requires an entire coordinated guild. Tiers no longer must be completed sequentially. A guild can simply do Tier 3 without having to slog through lesser rewards of Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Each Raid and Raid Tier must be unlocked with Guild Bars. (But existing guilds have the first three tiers unlocked for free!)
Guilds can now work together to unlock the new raids and tiers, but as a thank you to our existing guilds, we’ve unlocked all existing raid tiers for you for free. Thanks!

As for raid management, in-progress raids can now be canceled! No more accidentally starting a raid and having to wait for it to time out. Yay! Also, ever get REALLY close to winning a raid but just couldn’t get over the line? Guilds can now extended a raid timer by using Guild Bars!

Finally, we’ve added three new raids: Perth, Bogota, and Casablanca.
Earn the new units in these new raids, with challenging new encounters where you’ll face Fire, Water, and Oil.

PvP updates!

Similar to Raids, we took a long look at PvP and your feedback on it, and made a bunch of changes here too!

First of all, we improved PvP matchmaking with changes to the algorithms to better match players with suitable opponents.

In addition, PvP is expanding from the previous Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues! It will now feature Master and Champion Leagues (which are above Gold) and each League will have five sub-Leagues/tiers, for a total of 25 Leagues. This means that the reward structure has changed quite a bit for PvP—you have the opportunity to get more and better rewards, as their are more opportunities to climb the ladder and the ladder got a lot higher.

PvP stamina is also being introduced to the game, which is completely independent of regular Unit stamina. Rather than draining stamina from specific Units, while fighting in PvP, players can have up to five PvP missions available, each with a 45 minute cool down, that can be stacked and played consecutively. Play with your favorite Units as much as you like until the PvP stamina is exhausted—their Unit stamina remains unaffected in the rest of the game. We want players to engage in PvP and not feel like they’re sacrificing other parts of the game to do so. Now everyone can play PvP and get great rewards on their own time.

Quick Fight updates!

We’ve made Quick Fights much easier to do (and to do a lot of) without a lot of constantly fiddling with team makeups for different cities and circumstances. Auto-fill now fills your team with Units who have the minimum Team Power needed for the Mission. Quick Fight can also optionally use all of your Team’s Stamina at once to instantly fight the maximum number of times instead. Bonus: Quick Fight now ignores max Team Power for a Mission!

Borrowing Units revamped!

Ask your Guildmates for the Units you want and only use the ones you need! Repeatedly use borrowed Units without having to ask again!
Earn rewards for lending your powerful units! Need a specific unit for a Daily or to build your perfect team? Ask, and ye shall (hopefully) receive.

Store updates!

Shopping for new Units just got better! Players wanted better chances at getting the units they were after, so we’ve streamlined the options. You can now get Epic packs and Legendary bundles focused around giving you increased chances at specific units, including packs specifically tailored to the newest (and only the newest!) units.


  • Fixed a variety of crashes and made a host of performance improvements.
  • Your unit list is now sorted in reverse when consuming/disbanding for easy tapping.
  • Fixed some unit stat display bugs for the Surgeon/Sawbones, Field Medic/Combat Medic, and Sprayers.
  • Projectiles attacks should now aim at their target. (i.e. Spitters should no longer spit in random directions.)
  • Units are put in cooldown when stunned, instead of resetting their attacks (occasionally making a stunned unit more dangerous depending on the stun and attack durations)
  • Special units now attack buildings if they’re close and no Humans are nearby
  1. Dear Team,

    please note that am playing this game before on Sony Z2 , and now it is said not compatible with your device .

    so your support please ASAP .


    Ahmed Maxsood

  2. Hello Gordon,

    I missed the announcement about maintenance yesterday and was in mission when it started. I’ve closed out the game and restarted my iOS phone several times, but today attempting to install the update, the game very very briefly flashes up the maintenance notification and then crashes without allowing update.

    I sent the support team an email.

    Hopefully my account can be ungliched so I can enjoy the new units. Thank you for an amazing game, I really want to get back to playing!

    • Hi GUTS! Sorry that you’re running into an issue with getting the update working! Our support team will help you out with that if they haven’t already 🙂

  3. game is quite awsome please make it playable on facebook… thnx

    • Thanks! I’m not sure if it will come out on Facebook, but we are planning PC and Mac releases!

  4. will you guys have more Units, more cities in campaign mode and will it be possible for this game to be on the PS4

    • Hi Luke! There are no plans for a PS4 release at this time. More Units are coming in the next update and we’re considering campaign improvements as well 🙂

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