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World Zombination is now available for Android devices!

World Zombination is now available for Android devices!



Hello Android players! We’re incredibly excited to announce that World Zombination is now available to download on the Google Play Store!

World Zombination for Android devices is completely cross-platform compatible. This means that regardless of whether you play on an Android or iOS device, you will be playing in the same world as everyone else, have the ability to join the same Guilds, talk in the World chat with each other, and battle each other in PvP and Wars. Your in-game account will also work on any device you play the game on—when you log-in, you will have the exact same progress on all of your devices. In addition, the Android version will be on the same update path as the iOS version, so it will always be at feature parity.

Welcome to the Funpocalypse!

  1. Hi! I´m trying to download the game on Google Play Store, but it doesnt appear!! I´m in Spain!
    Are there any problem?

    • Hi Javi! This is likely because you are using a device that is not currently supported. We’re working on expanding the number of devices that are supported on Android.

  2. I am from India and my Google play store it is not coming. so please help me guys

    • It may not be available for your device due to hardware requirements. Sorry!

  3. Yes, Hello the developers of World Zombination I have notice a bug in the World Zombination Andriod version. When I first launched the game it shows Proletariat logo screen then it crashes immediately right after. If you could fix this that would be awesome so I can continue the game on my Htc one m8 so I can play it anywhere I go. Keep up the good work Proletariat Inc. you guys are fantastic game developers. I love your guys work.

  4. Hi developers of a great game I have been waiting for android. Great game, but a simple question. will this game come out for lower systemed androids to (such as Note 2 etc)? thank you for your respond and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Kagan! We’re working on expanding compatibility, but it’s not possible to say exactly which devices will end up being playable.

  5. Im from south africa and i have an lg g2 i cant find it on google play i have being dying 2 play since i heard about it.

  6. Im from south africa too. I have a Samsung S3 and it says its not compatible with this device. What phones are compatible? Been waiting for this android update for a long time

  7. hi
    i have note 3, after playing fir 3 rounds or at most 5 rounds my device freezes.

    3 Gb ram is the highest for android base devices, i guess u need to re-program the app. ThX

    • Hi Babak. Unfortunately, it’s not just about the amount of memory a device has. Some devices have chipsets that are incompatible with certain apps. We are doing our best to determine what the issues are with those chipsets that cause problems with our game and working on resolving those issues.

  8. I have the Problem when i start the Game it allways is on title Screen “Frozen” and nothing loads

    • Sorry to hear that! Please send us a support message at worldzombination.com/support.

  9. Yes world zombination is not on all android phones please update that I need to enjoy this game on my Samsung galaxy s3

    • We’re making it available on as many Android devices as possible, but some don’t have the necessary specifications to run the game.

      • Is there any updates on the specifications of the Samsung galaxy s3 if it will work on this device

  10. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and it says its not compatible is this true

  11. I can’t download the game. Help!!!

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