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World Zombination 3.3 is here!

World Zombination 3.3 is here!

World Zombination 3.3 is now available for download on the App Store! This update is huge: eight new units, several substantial feature additions/changes, and a host of bug fixes. Here are all of the changes you’ll find:

New Units

Slugger and Grand Slam

Slugger and Grand Slam are Survivors who bring a new ability to the game by knocking back incoming enemies.


Farmer and Rancher

Farmer and Rancher are Infected units who will create new drones over time and with the right perks even create additional special units.


Black Belt and Sensei

Black Belt and Sensei are Survivor units who have an array of weaponless combat moves: punches, a roundhouse kick, and a hurricane kick. Their other attributes include frequent dodges and a very large range of movement from their base.


Chef and Gormandizer

Chef and Gormandizer are Infected cannibals who spit long range toxic sludge for medium damage, while also having the unique ability to eat nearby drones, gradually giving them a more powerful attack. And they get even better: the more drones they eat, the more powerful they get!



Daily Hunts and Assignments

Every day, you can log in and complete Hunts and Assignments for free coins.

By completing various objectives (killing or deploying units, using skills, and so on), Dailies will give players a steady income of Coins and if they keep at them, a steady supply of Epic Packs as well. Players are eligible for a Daily on both Factions every day, they don’t expire, but you can only have 3 active (per Faction) at any given time, so don’t miss out!

Quick Fight revamps

Quick Fights no longer require the Hero and now only cost 1 stamina. They also require a mix of Team Power from various units and give variable rewards instead of the maximum rewards every time.


Guild UI improvements

The Guild user interface has been improved to enable better Guild management! You can now see (and sort by) the current online status and last online time for members. The Guild screen also shows the minimum level needed to join.


Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade station auto-selects the previously upgraded unit. A small quality of life improvement for when you’re quickly upgrading the same unit again and again.
  • Show more than 100 people on a leaderboard for Faction Wars. Know exactly where you stand and how far you have to go to get the best prizes.
  • Show the default rewards for Guild Raids and Faction Wars. By participating in a Raid or War, players were always given rewards, but many didn’t know what they were getting. This should fix that.
  • Auto-select the previously chosen difficulty when returning to the City UI after doing a mission. Another small quality of life fix that allows a player to change their team around without losing their chosen difficulty resulting in fewer clicks when raiding or participating in a Faction War (or even just some mellow farming).
  • Rewrote logic for how units handle jumping, so they shouldn’t get hung up on walls anymore.
  • Fixed units getting stuck in walls.
  • Fixed issue where Infected units would stop moving during missions. Oh those Zombies, always getting stuck places. We spent a good bit of time in 3.3 on fixing these. Hopefully players will see some big improvements here.
  • Colonel/Musketeer and Kill-a-ton/Doomsday have proper disband/consume rewards. Copy/paste fail frowning
  • Fixed movement slowing debuffs and they should now be more noticeable. We updated how these work, so their effects should be much more obvious. Watch as Spec Ops make those Brutes waddle ever slower!
  • Fixed Living Flesh perk for Undertaker/Mortician to be more reliable. Ahh, the “small heal”. Rewrote logic on this to not only work better, but also to prioritize it more sanely against resurrecting his fallen friends.
  • Fixed Tri-spit perk on Spitters and Defilers to be more reliable. Spit on, noble Spitters.
  • Camouflage Team perk for Spec Ops will no longer affect himself (he’ll keep his higher stealth). He was actually applying his aura to himself, overriding his innate stealthiness with that of his compatriots. He’ll be much stealthier if he has this perk now.
  • Sprayers and Foulmouths now do (a very small amount of) building damage. In case they’re ever stuck behind a wall or the last unit remaining on a map, they can do some nominal damage and not just stand there looking dumb.
  • Explosive zombies will no longer count against your trophy score when they blow themselves up. Finally! Use all the explosive zombies you want and not be penalized for it!
  • Fixed rare crash when using Morticians and Undertakers.
  1. Game crashes are super annoying, great game otherwise:)

  2. Is there anyway to change the perks?

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