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World Zombination 3.2 is here!

World Zombination 3.2 is here!

It’s time for World Zombination’s first update since the worldwide launch! This update includes a bunch of bug fixes, load time optimizations, and…


If you’ve been watching our Twitch streams (or catching them on YouTube), reading the development blog, or following us on Twitter and Facebook, you have probably heard about the four new units that are included in this update. Here’s a quick look at them.

Kill-a-ton and Doomsday

These two hulking Infected giants wear gas station attendant uniforms and haul around large oil tankers that explode—spectacularly. They also have a pretty unique feature—they grow more powerful the longer they are kept alive. 

Kill-a-ton and Doomsday

Kill-a-ton walk

Musketeer and Colonel

The Survivor faction is getting a couple of historical reenactors who attack with bayonet-equipped muskets. This weaponry gives you a shotgun-style shot that has sniper range along with a melee attack!

Musketeer and Colonel

Musketeer shot and reload Musketeer melee attack

You’ll be able to find these units in the Buenos Aires raid and through random drops and in packs. If you want some more background on these units, our art director, Damon, recently wrote about developing their artwork on our development blog.


We found and squashed a bunch of bugs from the launch release. Here’s the list of what was fixed:

  • Stay up-to-date with the newest release notes in game.
  • No longer crashes on an iPhone 6+ when “zoomed” display option is enabled.
  • To Quick Fight, the Hero unit must actually be on the team to lead them into battle.
  • Leaderboards for Faction Wars will show more than the top 100 players.
  • Chat will no longer jump to bottom when next text arrives if it’s scrolled up.
  • Guild Raid rewards are now more clear.
  • Players cannot get negative arena points for winning in PVP.
  • Added Raid Requests to Activity Feed.
  • Click anywhere on unit in Team Management to change team.
  • Increased the cost of a handful of Hard/Expert missions to keep them in line with other costs.
  • Stim-Z’s regen no longer lasts forever.
  • Fixed some unit stat displays (notably cooldown was not shown for most abilities).
  • Undertaker/Mortician’s Quicken perk decreases cooldown instead of increasing it.
  • Infector/Reanimator’s Viral Latency perk now says increases “Spare Drones” and not “Horde Size”.
  • Biohazard/Patient Zero’s Dangerous Strain perk correctly gives 30% increased damage.
  • Effluvia perk correctly increases the Cesspool’s range by 25%.
  • Sprayer/Foulmouth/Pickleback Particulates perk correctly gives crit.
  • Dreadnaught gets correct crit stats from Pop Goes the Human perk.
  • Infector’s Super-spreader perk correctly reduces cooldown (instead of increasing it).
  • Outlaw with 6 Shooter perk no longer continually shoots 6 shots.
  • Dead Shot’s and Sniper’s multi-shot perks work better.
  • Updated Lumberjack’s Jagged Teeth perk description to reference base damage.
  • Updated Desperado’s Careful Aim perk description.
  • Fixed Foresight perk description on Fire Chief.
  • Handyman won’t get hung up trying to path to a wall he wants to fix.
  • Commando/Professional perk Recoilless Firing now properly says it lowers aim drift (not removes).
  • Sniper/Sharpshooter and Dead Shot/Lone Wolf perks for firing in melee range work properly.
  • Stuntman/Daredevil Coordinated Strikes perk correctly says 20% chance.

A lot of these fixes also help to speed up load times and balance out various things in the game that needed some better tuning.

That’s everything for this update! Discussions are already in progress on the forums, so if you have any feedback, please join in the conversation. The next update is coming in a few weeks and will include another round of fixes, features, and characters. We’ll be talking about these through social media and in our Twitch streams leading up to the release, so be sure to follow and tune in!

  1. Hi, This update ruined this game for me. In theory I like the update. I do feel that the constant quick fights are probably not what the devs had in mind when they created the game. However i am playing on an Iphone 4, I dont have the means to change this and I am not saying you should change anything for me but maybe there are a lot of people playing on older phones and I think you will lose a lot of players because of this. I takes me 7 minutes to complete a mission that is non quick fight on my iphone 4 and half the time I do, after I win, my game crashes and I dont get credit for the win. I regret that I spent 10 dollars, and at least 150 hours of my time (level 50) on this game because as of now if it does not get changed back to how it was, I stand no chance to competitive.

  2. R u kidding? One hero in the game and it must be present for quick figh. Whats the point of having quick fight then anyway? Before it was a game for everyone. Even if u hv buzzy schedule u could play it with quick, now it sucks.

  3. Guys, what are you doing essentially removing quick fight from this game? I’m only able to play in small chucks of time and paying full missions make the game impossible for me. If nothing else, can you please let people know why they’ve been removed? A lot of people are very upset and say that they’re done playing until that aspect is removed again. I feel that if they at least heard a reason for it, it might go a long way to earning some of their good will back.

  4. Hello Guys,
    Let me tell you that the new update is good but three is Orly one juge big problem : you changed the rules of the fait battles and now it’s not good at all. Let me say that it’s horrible.
    One of the game strength was that possibility for those who had not lots Of time to use this option. With this un date you cancelled this point and it’s very regrettable.
    Please do something and quickly

  5. The “quick fight” only with a hero killed the game. Every single person on my guild, including myself, don’t like the same anymore. It’s no longer fun.

  6. hello,

    This is a big mistake on your part strategy to have quick fight off , you’ll lose players and the whole strategy implemented in the guilds will be broken.
    there is no justification on your part to have removed this feature.
    you should review your copy I think …

  7. The change to quick fighting has ruined the game for myself and many guildies. What was great about this game was that I could play and quick fight almost anytime and any where. I could play at work, at a doctor’s office, or when I was out with a few taps of the screen. when I had more time I would actually play the game regularly and do the pvp. Now I see myself not playing or being able to enjoy the game almost at all.

  8. Hi i am the leader of a guild lvl 19 … But now im thinking we Wont gain One More Level with this update … The New System is killing the game and even if u will allow 3 qickfights per Hour it Wont the Same like before…. If you bring back the Old System then … Game over!

  9. This is the first app that I’ve ever spent more than a couple dollars on (plugged in a $25 gift card gladly as it was perfect for my schedule – quick fights while I’m at work, campaign when I get home). Two weeks after paying, the entire format has changed. I am now able to actually fight 5-6 times per day, which gets me absolutely nowhere as far as resources. No resources for guild raids, which never get beyond tier 1 anyway with everyone hoarding supplies. Also, the coins I spent on extra lockers would absolutely have been purposed toward packs, as I cannot afford upgrades three at a time anymore (2000 total coins to upgrade to the third locker for both survivor and zombie).

    I really like the game, and feel it has a lot of potential. Please fix it!

  10. We all know about the issues with the update and quick fight, but what also seems to be a major issues is that as a survivor the game is stacked against me, I am lvl 50 and basically have to have the max points in a raid to win, anything less with the way the deployment is set up ( and no been able to see the map before picking the troop) seems unfair. I just get over run all the time

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