A faction-based strategy game on a global scale

World Zombination is available worldwide on iOS!

World Zombination is available worldwide on iOS!


After two years of development, 12 beta versions, 54 weekly updates, nearly 200 live streams, and the growth of a huge community of loyal fans throughout the world, we have finally released World Zombination! It’s now available world-wide on the App Store for iOS devices.

You can get it here:


Huge thank you to everyone in the World Zombination and Proletariat Inc community for your support and for playing the game! We’ll see you in the Funpocalypse.

App Store description

Take control of a massive zombie horde and destroy the world. Or help the last surviving humans make their stand and defend it. The choice is yours in this epic massively multiplayer online game!

As the zombies, attack cities around the world, spawn hundreds of zombie drones, and mutate them into powerful special zombies in a real-time strategy game. If you choose the humans, strategically place your units around the cities, defend the citizens and buildings, and mow down incoming zombies in a new take on tower defense.

Both sides acquire new units, train and level them to make them more powerful, and play with (and against!) friends and thousands of other players for control of the world!

* Play the free massively multiplayer online game with two unique sides: the Infected, a massive zombie horde or the Survivors, humanity’s last hope.

* Explore a living, dynamic world where players can attack, defend, and control cities.

* Build and level your army of over 50 unique units, each with their own special behaviors and unlockable skills.

* Team up with your friends, form a guild, and win epic raids for powerful new units and abilities.

* Fight other players in Player versus Player combat and show the world your might!

* Challenge yourself with over 50 single-player missions, each procedurally generated just for you! With new maps, enemies, and obstacles every time, no mission is ever the same!

* Play with and against thousands of other players in real-time for control of the world!

* Enjoy gorgeous 3D graphics in an engine which allows for nearly 1000 units on screen at a time. All optimized for Retina displays!

* “One of the coolest aspects to World Zombination is the sheer number of zombies you’re able to spawn on the screen at one time. It really makes it feel like how a zombie invasion should feel. “ – TouchArcade

* “One of our 10 most anticipated games of PAX East 2014” – Evolve Games

* “Prepare for the bright and colorful apocalypse with World Zombination.” – 148Apps

* A network connection is required to play.
* Compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5th generation and later devices
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

  1. really wanna play this game but too bad its keep crashing on logging in main screen with iphone6plus ios8 , please check if there are ang bugs , thanks.

  2. Guys, I would really like to play this game, when will it be released for Android or PC?


    • Hi Robert! World Zombination will be available on Android devices in about a month. You can get the beta now: http://worldzombination.com/beta

      • Do you have a exact date when it will come out

      • Hi Gordon! You say that the game will be available on android in a mounth…when it will be released? And if i can play the game with the account from ios? Thx!

        • Hi Mishs! The Android version will be available on the Google Play Store before the end of April. Accounts are completely cross-platform and everyone playing on iOS and Android share the same world, so regardless of where you log-in from, your game will be the same 🙂

  3. Hi, does it work on 5c ? ´cause i tried since 3 days and it still load because of a” serv problem” but on 4s it’s working.
    Hoping you can feel my frustration, Thanks. (Sorry of my english :’) )

  4. Hello, I am from Chinese a play, I’m crazy about the game, but he has no support Chinese, this makes me feel that this game is not perfect, after all Chinese our Mandarin, and I saw when the download game is Chinese above support, hope as soon as possible to update, solve this problem.

    • We’re planning to do a Chinese translation for a future update. We know there are a lot of players who speak Chinese that are waiting for this!

  5. Why there is not the playstore version??

  6. Hi Gordon after you have finished fixing bugs will you be adding new units and features?

    • Yes! We have plans for lots of new units, new features, and improvements. We’ll be talking about some of them on our live stream today (Friday) at 4:30pm EST.

  7. Hey! I’ve been playing this game for about 2 days, and it is amazing. Just right now, I am trying to load Rio de Janeiro (if that is how you spell it :P)and when it started to load, a message appears saying ‘Unknown error, please reload the game.’ I don’t know how to fix it. :/

    • We’re looking into this as we’ve gotten multiple reports about Rio causing errors. Thanks for letting us know!

  8. i would like to know when is it going to be published on Android, i really want to play but mine isnt ios

    • We are planning to bring World Zombination to Android devices in about a month. You can play the beta now by signing up here: http://worldzombination.com/beta.

    • u can if u have early acces like i do and i think is avalible on play store too but u can only find it with early accesi guess

  9. When is the game coming out for android phones?

    • We’re aiming to release World Zombination for Android devices in April.

  10. is always lagging can some one tell me wath to do about that

  11. A quand une version pour androide ? C’est un jeu assez addictif et j’ailerai l’avoir aussi sur mon telephone Samsung .

    • Beaucoup de lague et de bug sur iPad 2 .plus quand je joue survivant que infecter. Merci de fixé ces bug car c’est assez récurant

  12. Hiya!! @u@ well i have been playing WZ for about 3 months now and its been five days since i encountered a certain problem i last played it on friday ‘night’ only to know when i booted it again on the next day it starts but it wont stop crashing literally i have try to hard reset , close etc. and all known solutions and it doesnt work i deleted it and reinstalled it but now it opens the problem is doesnt load i have 25mbps wifi speed and whatnot the game center logged in thing pops up but it doesnt even load an inch wth? Seriously cause i don’t all my efforts for whole ‘ 3 months ‘ to go to waste and i have also payed/purchased for some coins during that time and i feel like its a waste and everything im doing went to waste 🙁 Username Kurome Guild DuskOfTheDead (Infected side) level 36 southeast asia region just help :((

  13. I just downloaded it onto my Apple iPhone 5c and I won’t load. The bottom (middle) of the screen keeps saying its logging in. Why? I don’t what to do. I didn’t have a Game Center account logged in so I signed in the iTunes account I am using. That didn’t help. PLEASEEEEE HELPPPP.

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