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World Zombination beta 3.0

World Zombination beta 3.0

World Zombination beta 3.0 has arrived! We blogged about the changes a little over a month ago, but here are the full release notes:

New Features

  • Metal support has been added!
    • Enjoy a silky-smooth 60 frames-per-second, bloom, and other post-processing effects making the game look even better! (Or use power-saving mode via settings if you want to extend your battery as long as possible.)
  • All new combat!
    • We’ve totally redone how combat works to be more interactive and exciting than ever.
    • Units are now dragged and dropped from your bar.
    • Units no longer have Deployment Sizes, but rather Deployment Cooldowns. Once you drop a unit, the countdown begins until you can drop another. Stronger units have longer cooldowns. Grow stronger over the course of the fight, not weaker!
  • Play Both Sides
    • The most asked for feature is here! You can now play both sides on a single account. Switch back and forth and enjoy the campaigns of both factions or make friends (and enemies) with players on both sides!
  • Quick Fight
    • For when your time is short, but you need to help your guild or knock out a quick mission, you can now Quick Fight to instantly resolve a battle and receive your rewards. Be careful though, this uses all of your team’s stamina.
  • World Activity
    • See what’s going on on the world map in real-time
    • Get jealous of friends who win great units
    • Watch the world come alive during Faction Wars
  • Play the game in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish
  • New Music/Sounds – New voice-overs, tons of sound effects, city-specific music!
  • The UI has been revamped and re-skinned for better clarity and usability in a variety of resolutions
  • Revamped the store and pack opening, including a new Epic Bundle (but we also removed the sad old Common Pack)


  • Guilds
    • Added MOTD to guild chat
    • Chat notifications added for people joining/leaving/being promoted in the guild.
    • Actions against an Officer require Leader rank
  • Faction Wars:
    • “World Events” have been renamed “Faction Wars”
    • Removed Solo Events and made them into level-limited Faction Wars. Lower level players now have the chance to reap the best rewards as well.
    • Increased Faction Wars tiers to reward the top 200 players instead of the top 50.
    • Instead of individual units, packs are awarded from Raids, PVP, and Faction Wars
  • Missions:
    • Mission rewards have been changed to be based on the number of trophies received
    • Changed mission scoring calculation


  • Balance pass on competitive Human and Zombie maps
  • Drone level clamped to be no higher than the map level + 5
  • Snipers/Sharpshooters and Spec Ops/Overwatch target “large” units (e.g. Brutes, Titans, etc) first
  • Runners/Sprinters and Stuntmen/Daredevils move at Drone speed so they stay with the pack until they see Human unit, at which point they take off running
  • Gunfighters shoot twice per attack but for half damage
  • Packs always give 5 cards (with a slightly lower rarity distribution to make up for it)
  • Spitters/Defilers, Sprayers/Foulmouths, and Puddlers/Cess Pools no longer do ridiculous amounts of damage to buildings
  • Lumberjack’s base HP increased from 60 to 90
  • Lowered Runner base HP from 15 to 12
  • Increased Runner/Sprinter and Stuntman/Daredevil’s dodge from 0/30% to 20/50%
  • Increased Deliveryman/Harbinger dodge from 0/40% to 30/60%
  • Assassins/Shades now have a base dodge of 30%
  • Increased Human melee home tether range from 15 to 20
  • Increased Spitter/Defiler max range from 36 to 65 but decreased perch distance from 34 to 19.
  • Increased Puddler/Cess Pool max range from 30 to 40 but decreased perch distance from 28 to 19.
  • Dr. Zombiwitz armor reduced significantly from 12 to 3 at base.
  • Zombie Drone attack cooldown significantly increased from .1 to 1.8
  • Increased movement speed of all Zombies by 40%
  • Increased Human unit heals by 50% across the board
  • Human units prefer to attack special units when in melee range
  • Human melee units movement speed decreased from 7 to 6
  • Lowered Zombies per second on the player zombie spawner from 30 to 20
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  3. I just started playing this game and I love it. I do have a question, and I haven’t found the answer yet: Is it possible to see a list of the infected (or survivors) your guild members have?

  4. I love this game, and I am an active player. I had created a guild and had a few members, but never came on, so I kicked them out, so it’s just me in my own guild. Is there any way that I can delete my guild or give it to someone else?

    • Hi Sune,

      If you can get someone else to join your guild, you can pass leadership on to them.

  5. Hi hru i wanna ask u why some player title officer or member or recruit how can be a member or officer ????

    • Those are titles that Leaders and Officers of Guilds can give players.

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