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World Zombination beta 2.2

World Zombination beta 2.2

We originally posted this info about the World Zombination beta 2.2 update on the Proletariat.com blog right before Thanksgiving. But we’re still thankful for everything that was in the update and decided it would be good to post here, too 🙂

This World Zombination Updatesgiving, we’re thankful for:

This new World Map, which makes it easy to access guild raids, missions, world events, and PvP from one easy location:


…and the new Campaign UI, which shows us our progress as we work toward Survivor and Infected rewards, including units, resources, and coins! With your increased ability to get coins, unit packs will now be purchased with coins. This is the beginning of bigger, exciting changes we are making to the unit pack system.


We’re also thankful for the new Team Management screen, because it lets us update our teams before going into a mission.


And all these improvements to PvP:

  • If a player has a rating of 1500 or less, they’ll only fight opponents near their Team Power.
  • Players won’t be matched with other players too far below their rating.
  • Players at higher ratings have shorter shields and can attack the same opponent more frequently.
  • Scoring has changed to prevent losses even when all enemies/objectives are destroyed.
  • Defenders automatically borrow the best unit from their guild.

What are you thankful for? Hopefully it’s these BUG FIXES!

  • Numerous crash fixes and performance enhancements
  • Units now better display their stats.
  • Units who can jump walls no longer get stuck in walls.
  • Infectors no longer get stuck.
  • Buzzsaw deployment sizes increase at correct rank.
  • Puddlers and Cess Pools have scaling damage again.
  • Mission difficulty tabs no longer hide borrowable units on multiple clicks.
  • Adjusted raid and event trophy amounts.

Whatever you’re giving thanks for this year, Proletariat is wishing you a happy holiday. The new beta version with these updates is coming very soon, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristen Mukai

  1. Can you give me a code plus u guys said the game will be released in 2014

    • Hi Reuben! New codes get released with new versions of the beta. Version 3.0 of the beta will be out in the next few days. As for the global launch, it had to be moved to 2015 due to some big changes we decided to make, but it will be coming very, very soon!

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